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Mandalay believes it is successfully living its values when our environmental impact is minimized and causes no permanent harm. Mandalay Resources has an environmental policy in place. The purpose of the Policy is to guide all employees in pursuing their shared responsibility with the Company to protect the environment and manage the environmental impacts of Company-related activities and when possible minimize environmental impacts. In addition, General Managers are report to the Board monthly on permit exceedances and other incidents, reasons for these exceedances, and mitigation against such incidents.

To view the Environmental Protection Policy, click here. To view the Spanish translation of the Policy, click here. To view the Swedish translation, of the Policy, click here.

Mandalay’s operations require licenses and permits from various governmental authorities. All operations are conducted under valid licenses and permits.

Costerfield: Primary approval for operation of Costerfield is held through Mining License MIN4644, extension of this license was approved by the Victorian State Government in 2015.

Cerro Bayo: Minera Cerro Bayo has obtained the necessary permits and licenses required to operate the Cerro Bayo Property.

Björkdal: All operations are fully permitted in accordance with Swedish environmental and health & safety legislation.

Compliance and Remediation
All phases of Mandalay’s operations are subject to environmental regulation in the jurisdictions in which we operate and all of Mandalay’s operations are currently in compliance with environmental regulations.

Resource Efficiency
An integral aspect of the Mandalay strategy is to reduce operational costs over time to increase operating margins and this may result in innovative solutions that are both cost effective and environmentally sound.

Cerro Bayo Wind Farm: Hybrid Energy at Cerro Bayo
To reduce its reliance on high cost diesel fuel and transport costs, Mandalay Resources has implemented a hybrid wind/diesel power generation facility at Cerro Bayo in partnership with a third party provider, Rame Energy. The wind farm is currently operational. It is expected to greatly reduce Mandalay’s operating costs over the life of mine and provide an innovative energy solution that also reduces CO2 emissions.

The hybrid wind/diesel facility is expected to reduce petroleum consumption that would result in the mine reducing its CO2 output by over 2,000 tonnes per year. It is estimated that Cerro Bayo will consume over 1 million liters less of diesel annually with the hybrid system. Reducing our emission of 2,000 tonnes of CO2 a year is the same as: Taking 535 cars off the road each year, a 747 fling for 3.59 days non-stop each year, or the energy needs of 1 average urban home being met for 210 years (*

Click below to see our wind farm in action.

The Company believes in causing no permanent environmental harm and will work to rehabilitate its mines after operations are complete.

In 2015, Mandalay completed the closure of the 20 hectare reclamation project at the Cascada mine at Cerro Bayo. Likewise, in mid-2012, Mandalay completed the 4 hectare reclamation project at the Furioso mine. The remainder of this project consists of three years of monitoring, the last sampling for which occurred in April, 2016. Please see below for pictures of the Furioso reclamation.

Condicion final
Condicion actual 2016

The Company currently has comprehensive closure plans in place at all its mines and follows all national laws required for reclamation bonds.