Whistleblower Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Mandalay’s Whistleblower Policy governs the process through which the Company’s employees,  suppliers, customers and community members or government at all jurisdictions of operations and projects, can anonymously and confidentially report any potential violation or concern contrary to the Company’s policies or local laws or regulations.

This policy is designed to surface serious allegations of possible wrongdoing for investigation by the Mandalay Audit Committee, which the Whistleblower is unwilling or uncomfortable making to the manager or executive accountable for the area in which the alleged wrongdoing has occurred. The policy can also be invoked if the local issue resolution processes have not generated a satisfactory outcome and the individual wishes to escalate the allegation to Board level.

To view the complete Whistleblower Policy, click here. To view the Spanish translation of the Policy, click here. To view the Swedish translation, of the Policy, click here.

Mandalay has retained the services of WhistleBlower Security, an independent service provider to receive reports on an anonymous and confidential basis. A Whistleblower report can be filed as follows:

a) Web: Visit www.integritycounts.ca, click on “File a Report” and follow step-by-step instructions to fill out the appropriate fields shown on the screen.

b) Hotline: Call your preferred Country hotline and follow the verbal instructions of the Whistleblower Advisor. Be as specific as possible. You have the option to disclose your identity or not.

c) Email: Email WhistleBlower Security directly at mandalay@integritycounts.ca using your company’s email address.

d) Mail: Mail information to WhistleBlower Security | ATTN: Mandalay Resources Corporation | PO Box 91880 | West Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7V 4S4.

All reports lodged through the WhistleBlower Security system will be handled with utmost confidentiality to the fullest extent possible, consistent with the need to conduct an appropriate investigation. Only people directly involved with investigating or responding to a report will have access to information about the report.