Cerro Bayo Community

Cerro Bayo Key Community Activities

Delivery of monitors for the maternal health area of the local Hospital
(funds raised in PDAC auction March 2017)
On January 19, 2018, the Hospital in Chile Chico received  the delivery of the maternal health equipment for which the funds were raised during our PDAC auction in March 2017.  The much-needed equipment consists of two monitors: one vital signs monitor, and one neonatal SPO2 sensor. Pictured below is Stuart O’Brien, General Manager of Cerro Bayo delivering one of the monitors. See the full writeup here.

Delivery of 30 Sets of School Supplies for Youth
In March of 2017, at the beginning of the school year, 30 children and young people were given a complete set of school supplies to help with their studies. We hope this contribution will help both the students and their families.

Naval Parade
Every year, Cerro Bayo participates in the naval parade with its Rescue Brigade respresenting the entire Company.

Basic Electrical Training for the Community
Organized by Mandalay Resources, and financed through Tax Franchise, the Company hosts a free workshop for the community, consisting of a basic 40-hour course taught by an expert professional. The Company hosted this workshop for 30 enthusiastic people. The workshop was very successful as attendees had a 100% pass rate.

Workshops for Woman Artisans Group in Chile Chico
Every year Mandalay partners with a local women’s artisan group. At this year’s craft fair, the artisans presented the products they developed in 2016-2017 and outlined the work they are planning for 2017-2018.

The artisan group is also offering several courses which they outlined. The courses are: crochet, painting, flower-making, felt, and origami. They will also, later in the year, offer courses in Russian embroidery, design and clothing, and also loom.

Installation of Accessible Park Equipment in the Community’s Family Park
At the beginning of 2017, the Company installed three new games to integrate different members of the community. Swings were installed for children under four years old, as well as other accessible equipment, including playground equipment accessible to children with motor disabilities.

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